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Labour market

Web portal (which translates into “labour market”) is an educational and expertise portal.
We are engaged in the phenomena of labour and processes taking place on both Polish and global labour market. We are the first and only Polish internet portal of this size dedicated entirely to the labour issues. Our web page operates since 2008. We belong to Sedlak & Sedlak, the oldest HR consulting company in Poland.

Since most of our beneficiaries operate in Poland, content of the portal is in polish language. Nevertheless, we provide services to the foreign business entities and institutions. The scope of our offer covers analysis of existing data, ad-hoc studies,
on selected topics related to the labour market.

Detailed information on our sphere of action:

We research, analyze and report on such topics as:
  • Global trends in the labour market
    What is going to happen in the labour market in the upcoming months, years? We research the current situation and employment outlook in Poland and abroad.
  • Occupations
    Which occupations are currently in the greatest demand?
  • Employment
    We gather information on the number of people working in different industries. We prepare reports about employee availability in Poland.
  • Spatial and occupational labour mobility
    We analyze data on the spatial and occupational mobility. We introduce recent studies on Poles willingness to change their job.
  • Working conditions
    Work hours, trade unions, workplace hazards – just to mention some of issues which we elaborate in the form of affordable articles.
  • HRM Indicators
    Around the world studies on labour costs, employee turnover, cost of living.
  • Labour market indicators
    We collect information on key indicators, such as unemployment rate, employment and economic activity rate.
  • For HRM personnel
    We follow the latest trends in human resource planning, career path development and training for employees.

If you are interested in developing business in Poland or you simply need information about Polish job market please feel free to contact us:
Job Market Analysis Dept.
Phone: +48 12 426 20 60

If you want to learn more about Sedlak & Sedlak, please visit our web page.